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Move the cards of same suit to the four cells on the upper right corner of the tableau, starting with the Aces.

Use the cells on the upper left corner of your tableau, called free cells, as temporary areas to “park” your cards. Use them wisely, because they are  key to be successful in this game, since they allow a great deal of mobility that is necessary to move your cards around the tableau.

The cards can only be moved from one pile to the other if their suits and colours are different and if they are in descendant order. For example, a red (hearts or diamonds) Jack can only be placed over a black (clubs or spades) Queen.

Jack of Espades

Jack of Espades

Groups of cards can be moved as long as the number of cards you are going to move as a group is equal or smaller than the number of free cells you have available at that moment in the game. For example, to move a group of three cards you need a least three of the free cells to be unoccupied on the upper left corner of your tableau.

Be careful when you press the button “Resign” and the button “Yes” after it, because by doing that you are confirming you want to leave the game you are playing and a new round will be started. To start a new game you press the F5 key on your keyboard and a new game will be loaded.

Pressing “Sound Off” you will disable all the sound effects and background music of the game. Definitely great if you are playing at work… Shhhhhhhh!

Pressing “Help” you show you the basic rules of the game in English. They are basically the same rules we have just talked about above.



If you are an advanced player, the faster you solve the game the better. Since the chronometre on the upper corner of your screen called “Time Bonus” gives you bonus points when you finish the game, according to how fast you do it. If you are still not that confident at your Free Cell skills, don’t worry about the timer, just worry about taking all the cards to the four home cells on the upper right corner of your table.

The “Score” button on the left upper corner of your screen shows how many points you have already scored on this game. If you play Free Cell constantly, take a print screen of your score every time you finish a game, to keep track of your performance. Each card you take to the home cells on the upper right corner of your table, will give you 5 points.

Have fun and enjoy all our Free Cell games!

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