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Instructions for the game (and more tips below!)
There are many reasons why FreeCell is one of the most popular and addicting Solitaire games of all. Because it is a Solitaire game where all the cards are revealed at the beginning of the game, the possibility of finding one invincible round is very low, which means that FreeCell is a game where the ability of the player is crucial to win.

With not much space left for luck, FreeCell is a game where the players really have to show their skills to be able to win. However, to some higher level players, winning a round isn’t a challenge anymore and they need something else, to make the game even more difficult and challenging.

pile of cards

If that is your case, this version we present above is exactly what you are looking for. You not only have to take all the cards to the home cells on the right order, you also have to do that in less than 10 minutes. Certainly for new players, this version can be a huge challenge, but if you are already a good player this will certainly be a great mental exercise and a lot of fun.

Pressing “Sound Off” you remove all of the sound effects of the game, which is ideal if you are playing at work, especially because when your time is running out, the game will give you a warning sound like a bell ringing that can be embarrassing depending on where you are.

Pressing “Resign” means you are giving up the game. If you confirm and press “yes” that game will be closed. To start a new game, press the F5 key on your keyboard and a new game will be loaded.

The chronometre on the centre of the screen indicates how much time you have left to finish the game. Remember that it starts at 10 minutes.

Alternating colour cards

Pressing “Help” you will be taken to examples with instructions on how to play FreeCell. These instructions are in English, but if you are a beginner and you speak another language, you can find translated tips online.

Pressing “Score” will show you how many points you have already made on that round. Each card you take to the home cells will give you 5 points. If you are one of those players who likes to keep track of your points, it can be interesting to know how many points you usually make on each round to analyze you progress.

Enjoy this fun and challenging Solitaire game. Have a nice game and have fun!

More tips on how to win Solitaire FreeCell


Solitaire FreeCell is a strategy game of cards that can be considered one of a kind among the Solitaire games. One of the reasons why this game is so popular and addicting is that when the right strategy is used and the right moves are made is virtually possible to win almost all of the games.

This combination of right strategy and right moves on the right time gives the factor luck a very small role on this game. Since luck doesn’t have much importance to the final result what really makes the difference between winning and losing are the skills of the player; and since the skills of the player can only improve with time, FreeCell ends up being an excellent challenging hobby, where the more you play the better your skills get and, therefore, the more you win.

The main goal of the game is to take all of the cards of the same suit on ascendant order (from Aces do Kings) to the home cells on the upper right side of the table. On the inferior part of the table (on most of the games) you must organize the cards in descendant order (from Kings to Aces) alternating suits.

 four aces

On the upper left side of the table you can find four free cells that can be used to “park” your cads while you make a move allowing you to send more cards to the home cells on the right order.

Another thing that makes FreeCell a unique kind of Solitaire game is that, instead of starting with all the cards face down, in this game the cards on the inferior part of the table start the game face up, being already revealed. Since you can see all the cards you can identify the important ones and plan your moves and your strategy.

Is exactly because it starts with all the cards face up and revealed that FreeCell is considered a game of strategy and not a game of luck, since the order in which the cards are laid can have very little influence on the result with the right strategy. Is also for this reason that this card game is so intriguing and popular (and why not saying, addicting?).

We made a list bellow with some tips that can help you to better your skills on this game, and increase your score of wins:

Tip number 1:

the four suits

The first thing to do when you start a FreeCell game is to stop and take a few seconds, or even minutes, to analyse your table. Even if the game has a chronometer running against you, these first moments of analyzing the table will be crucial, since this is when you plan your moves and build your strategy for the rest of the game. Pay attention to where all of the cards are positioned and think about what is going to happen after your first moves.

Tip number 2:

After taking a few seconds to analyse the positions of the cards on your table, make 3 or 4 moves and stop for a few seconds again to re-analyse the positions of the cards. Analyse what options you still have at this point and only after doing this, make your next moves. This little pause to overview your game is interesting because sometimes we can get excited and make moves that are obvious but not necessarily the best moves for the game.

Tip number 3:

pack of cards

Right at the beginning of the game, try to ‘clean up’ one of the columns on the inferior part of the table. By cleaning at least one column, the space you will open will give you a lot more mobility to help you move the rest of the cards on the tableau.

Tip number 4:

As we said before, always try to start the sequences on the empty columns on the inferior part of the tableau with Kings. If you don’t have a King available to do so, which is common, try to use the highest value card you have. Ideally, a Ten (10) is a good card.

Tip number 5:

Right at the beginning of the game, find where all the Aces are on your tableau. Make it your priority to move all of them to the home cells as soon as possible. At the same time you try to move the Aces to the home cells, try to find and move the Twos and Threes, because they will be your next cards to go on the home cells.

Tip number 6:

pile of cards

As we said earlier, be careful not to make obvious moves out of your excitement, because they are often not the best options strategically. Often, more complex and less obvious moves can be more helpful to winning the game.

Tip number 7:

Always try to keep the free cells “free”, since these are keys on the game, because they give you a great deal of mobility and thus, help you form your sequences. So, don’t rush and fill all your free cells right at the beginning of the game with cards that will be hard to move out of the free cells (like kings).

This mobility given by the free cells is essential during all rounds of FreeCell and certainly is crucial if you want to win the game. It’s not just a coincidence that the game was named after these cells, so use them wisely and carefully, because once you have no spaces left to move your cards to, chances are that you already lost the game. Keep that in mind when you build you game strategy.

Just like any other skill, your ability to play FreeCell will only improve with practice. Use the tips you find here on our web site with a lot of practice and you will start to see your game improving substantially. You will be able to visualize many moves ahead and will be able to win way more games!

You all have fun with this great Frecell Solitaire Game!

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